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Often one asks what the reason may be that the name of the butler has never been mentioned before. Well, to this day, in documents which could be found concerning COPPELIUS it is rather seldom that information about him can be found. No one knows whether this is due to the natural fact that a servant is rarely mentioned or whether there is another mysterious reason.
According to a historical document from 1859 which was considered to be lost forever but was rediscovered, at least partially, the unusual name of this indispensable companion of the group is explained as follows: On the day of the storming of the Parisian prison (the Bastille) on July 14th 1789, the butler, as straight as a die, walked through the fighting crowd with a silver tray intending to serve refreshments to his masters who were quite busy shooting their guns. People were so astonished by the butler's integrity that they decided to give him that name. When they revealed their decision that he would be called "Bastille" from then on, he answered with a lifted eyebrow and the comments: "Very well!"

His experimental abilities in the field of making certain ointments and tinctures are especially advantageous for COPPELIUS in terms of their longevity. Bastille carries out with a great sense of duty activities which make modern life more bearable for the musicians and those who help them to dedicate their time fully to the music and it is very much appreciated by his masters.

"Nowadays it turns out to be extremly difficult being successful in searching for reliable staff", they stated. Regarding this matter it is interestingly enough to have heard, that Bastille is only able to compensate any faux pas, which may occur executing his duties, by occasional outbursts of rage during COPPELIUS' concerts.

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