Clarinet, Vocals
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Le Comte Caspar is clearly the most sensible character in the band. He always tries very hard to behave in a friendly and charming manner which sometimes, admittedly, costs him a lot of effort. Originally he came from Paris where he held the excellent post of conductor at the Parisian Opera but he had to give up this position and hastily leave the country due to an unpleasant clash of opinions with the director. A mean intrigue was hatched against him which almost cost him his head.

As a result, he moved back into an old tower in the German area for a few decades. It was here that he was caught in a deep melancholy and, not wanting to welcome any guest, dedicated himself in his loneliness intensively to the clarinet. He was slightly irritated when, due to all the changes from new inventions, he came back to the public. He soon met all the other musicians of COPPELIUS who were, henceforth, his constant companions. When he falls back into a deep melancholy - which occurs every few years - he is taken care of by his companions. When he loses his highly regarded self-control, which sometimes happens in ecstatic moments on stage, they care for him and pull him back to balance. Really, in this group of like-minded friends, he is in good keeping.

His task with COPPELIUS consists of eliciting from his clarinet fine tunes in the cantillenes and spicy solo prestissimos and also to enrich the vocal choir with his strong bass. The former mostly can be heard in harmony with Max Coppella in fine duets.
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