Chilled With Fright


Great experiences we’ve had a few
I’ll never forget, but – where are you?
My life is long and I am glad
But you died too soon that makes me sad

Before you had to go
I didn’t fear a deadly foe
Now I’m chilled with fright
Scared to be alone at night

When your life ended a shadow was cast
I felt each day could be my last
To survive I should be a little mean
That’s what you told me in last night’s dream


I wish you could be among us now
Can I raise you from the dead - somehow


Today’s people cheat us they won’t stop to lie
I want to get rid of them, but don’t dare to try
With your help I’d feel more comfortable
Your kiss of death was so remarkable


music & lyrics: COPPELIUS
vocals: Bastille

of the EP
" To My Creator "
( EP / 2005 )

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