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To My Creator


Hello, do you remember me?
I’m your painting, your history
On a rich man’s wall, I’m to be seen
I’ve come to you in your dream

You painted for immortality
And had such a great ability
Colors and brushes were your tools
You thought all others were just fools
I’m here to torture you tonight
There is no hope or help in sight

People looking at my face
Eternal beauty, charm and grace
Noone cares that you’re my creator
Soon you’ll fade and meet your maker

You were as genius without a doubt
With no free time, you were too proud
Years ago your friends turned away
Because you were working night and day


But now you see what you have done
For you are old and I remain forever young
Traded life for work when you were in bloom
Stinging like salt in your wound

One thought brings terror to your brain
Why did you live your life in vain?
Even though your art lives through the ages
You lived an empty life in cages
Now victimized a price so high
Too late to change, soo you’ll die


recommended reading:
Oscar Wilde
"The Picture of Dorian Gray"

music & lyrics: COPPELIUS
vocals: Graf Lindorf

of the EP
" To My Creator "
( EP / 2005 )

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