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Escapade II


Whispering and gossip while you entered the scene
All eyes were on you like on a figurine
You can’t get rid of these paranoic fears
Wicked rumors are ringing in your ears
A carriage should have taken you home
Instead you got here
With all your medal’s chrome

You never thought this cold happen to you
This time you bit off more than you can chew

You try to seem normal breaking down in tears
Slaving on to your shirt seconds turn to years
You try to talk clearly but your thoughts whirl around
Now you’re suddenly aware that you’re loosing ground
You experience the feeling of being insane
‘Cause you can’t think
With a paralyzed brain


Tryin’ to stand up from that easy chair
You fall into a plate, look at the food in your hair
People ‘ve gone home while you fell asleep
A wreck on the ground collapsed in a heap


recommended reading:
Fyodr Dostoyevsky
"A Fantastic Story"

music & lyrics: COPPELIUS
vocals: Graf Lindorf

of the EP
" To My Creator "
( EP / 2005 )

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