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In the case of Graf Lindorf, it was also difficult for me to investigate the year of his birth. It was quoted that certain documents got lost during fires and historical riots. During one of these fires, namely that of the Theatre of M., his Stradivari cello became a victim of the flames.

Of Graf Lindorf it was said that he was addicted to undertaking voyages. Especially in the 19th century he discovered large parts of Europe through his efforts in routing concert tours of the group. However, it may be doubted that this was the only reason. Several affairs were mentioned in this context, among them an affair with the young Fanny Hensel. The Graf however claimed that when he met her during his Italian trip in 1839, he only encouraged her to dedicate herself more to music. Before this time he had already been on a journey to Italy together with Comte Caspar. During this journey, COPPELIUS contacted the physician Spalanzani in Florenz and agreed questions regarding the necessity of galvanic amplification during the battle of Waterloo in 1815. His voyages even took him to feudal Japan where he was able to convince Mr. Nobusama to join the band instead of making a name for himself as a stray samurai during that time.

Although Mr. Coppella, leaning towards experimental chemistry, had obviously caused several cancellations, Graf Lindorf's lust for travelling seems to have made several concerts in London, Halberstadt, Leipzig, Dresden etc. possible. One may assume that his delicate acquaintances had helped with this quite a lot.
In the 19th century the Graf had made a military career, during which he rose to the officer's ranks. Later he was expelled from the military because of intrigue due to a personal dispute. However, before that he was able to manage the legendary concert on the battlefields of Waterloo in 1815.

The decline in his assets was caused by a passionate acquaintance with a beauty named Olimpia. Asked about this matter, he answered with a dreamy smile: "I had a paradise in my soul. I would have planted it around her."
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