(1803-1954 in excerpts)
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1954Tôkyôopening night of the movie "The Seven Samurai"
1903Stockholmaward ceremony of the Nobelprice for Marie Curie
1891FrankfurtCoppelius' first concert with electricity produced by a hydro-electric power plant
1889Berlinfestivity for the release of the Aspirin
1882Geisenheimceremony of introducing the Muller-Thurgau wine
1880Parisfestivity of the opening night of Jaques Offenbach's "The Tales of Hoffmann"
1870Werderflower festival
1854New Yorkoperation of the first elevator
1853Leipzigfestivity of the founding of the Bluethner-piano
1851Londonfirst world exhibition
1849Moscowinauguration of the Kremlin
1845Halberstadton the occasion of the invention of the rubber band
1845Frankfurt/M.at the first lecture of Heinrich Hoffmann's "Struwwelpeter"
1840Dresdenfirst board of cake baked with baking powder
1825Stocktonopening of the railway Stockton-Darlington
1822Steinbach-Hallenberginvention ceremony of the cork-screw
1821Mexicocelebration for independence
1815Waterlooon the baton's mountain of battle
1811BerlinKleist's funeral
1810Munichfirst "Oktoberfest"
1806Luebeckopening of the first marzipan manufacture
1803Paderborncelebration for the identification of morphine

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