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Max Coppella is the eldest member of the group. However, he cannot confirm this statement by his colleagues himself because the year of his birth cannot be proven anymore. In our short interview, the obviously vain musician revealed to me that he would not mind if he really was the eldest. The audience almost always underestimates his real age.

During my investigations I wondered over and over again how seldom the clarinettist and singer appears. Then I was able to find out that he apparently sleeps about 16 hours a day. But apart from his considerable age, there happens to be another reason for this phenomenon: It was said that Max Coppella's voyages to different countries were the cause of COPPELIUS' many breaks. However, at the turn of the 19th century, there was a habit among musicians to have their refreshment drinks enriched with newly developed chemicals in order to examine the effects for their inventors. By doing this, the relatively small wages of the band could be kept at a life-preserving level. Unfortunately, not all of these chemicals had a positive effect on Mr. Coppella. He definitely was exposed to these kinds of pranks all too often. Hence, this would not only explain the decades of cancellations, but also his extreme changes of mood which last until this day and further to his strange movements on stage or the inability to remember substantial things, such as the day of his birth.
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