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Even if one devoted oneself to the study of the Japanese language and had an insight into the countless terms in Japanese historical areas, one would not able to determine a date which one could be sure is in accordance with the date of the drummer's birth. Nobusama announced that an earthquake had swallowed the certificate roll with his birthdate on it right in front of his eyes.

However, it is certain that Graf Lindorf got him to give up his plan to commit seppuku on a sunny cherry blossom day because he was a less successful stray sumarai. So he sneaked on board a Dutch trade junk and landed in Europe where the opportunity presented itself to make the acquaintance of the other gentlemen of COPPELIUS. The fact that - if one is willing to believe the statements of his companions - quite a bit of time passed until the first concert of the group is attributed to Nobusama's initial difficulties in getting along with the customs of those days. For instance, one day as he was noisily slurping his soup (as this is a custom in Japan) only the smart Sissy Voss could prudently avoid a deadly duel against an outraged restaurant guest.

Nobusama acquired his skills in handling the drums with a taiko-drummer family rich in tradition in feudal Japan. The sound of his drums awakened the samurai troops and intimidated the enemy on the battlefield it is said.

"My drum, you run faster than men and reach distant lands, which no voice can ever reach. You can bring joy and sorrow. Where your sound is heard, civilisation blooms - dancing on your rhythm - it will decline."
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