Double Bass
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Mr. Sissy Voss is - if one is willing to believe the statements of his companions - the youngest member among the musicians. Although the question of the date of birth was answered by all members of the group (including Sissy Voss) only with a sneaky smile, I was able to at least discover this fact.

When questions are asked about Mr. Voss within COPPELIUS only grateful and positive words return. It was him, one says, who settled initial differences of opinion as to whether the first concert (1803) should be given with or without headgear: "Not without our hats, Monsieurs, the people will always recognize us because of them. However, let us throw to Hell these annoying wigs!" In addition, shortly after Nobusama's arrival in Europe, he prevented him becoming a victim of a duel by taking the challenger himself in an earlier duel. By the way, the stranger was beaten to death with one of Sissy Voss's rehearsal instruments.

Mr. Voss, who - apart from the Coppelian oxygen therapies - also liked to take care of himself by claiming excessive break times. Day in, day out, he was forced to undertake specific strength training for his right hand because he did not want to be held responsible any longer for cancellations of COPPELIUS caused by sore pizzicato fingers occurring after excessive playing. So that he could be a match for his metal alloy double bass strings, Sissy Voss worked as a metal engineer and wire specialist during the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was due to his connections that he had made there that COPPELIUS was able to make another sensational concert for the Paris world exhibition. his strong bass. The former mostly can be heard in harmony with Max Coppella in fine duets.
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